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Introducing Fancy Panz® proudly created & designed by two sisters & cooking mommas just like you! We've created an innovative solution to a common problem, and we are ready to share it with you.Fancy Panz® are perfect for dressing up, transporting & serving all of your delicious food out of the typical foil pan. Yes, we all love the convenience of foil pans, but we all know they can often be too flimsy, not so pretty, and there is no way to keep it fresh! By retaining all of the conveniences of a foil pan & providing the look of your favorite serving dish, with temperature features, Fancy Panz is the all in one solution - made in the USA!

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How To Use:


Open the attached frame & place the prepared Hot/Cold gel pack into the base of your Premium Fancy Panz, then close the frame to secure your foil pan.
** ONLY PREMIUM VERSION includes a gel pack.


Place foil pan into the base of your Fancy Panz and close the frame to secure your pan.


Snap on the clear top & go! Fancy Panz provides stability so traveling with food is easy!

Step #4

There are two different ways to serve from your Fancy Panz! Remove the clear cover & place it under your Fancy Panz where it acts as a trivet.


OR leave the clear cover on & lift from the tab to help maintain food temperature and to protect your food from the elements. When it's time to leave, simply remove the foil pan & take home your Fancy Panz®!



Featuring PREMIUM Fancy Panz & Charcuterie Insert

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Featuring PREMIUM Fancy Panz & Charcuterie Insert

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