How To Use

1A. Use With Riser*

Use SHALLOW half size foil steam pan 

**11.75 X 9.375 X 1.50

*8X8 Fancy Panz™ does not include riser

**dimensions may vary slightly


Use half size foil steam pan (easily found in bulk)

**11.75 X 9.375 X 2.50

*8X8 Fancy Panz™ does not include riser

**dimensions may vary slightly

2. Place in Fancy Panz™

Place foil pan containing  *hot or cold food in Fancy Panz™

*food temperature should not exceed 300 degrees

3.Removable top

Clear lid snaps on for safe and sturdy travel. Fancy Panz™ are also stackable!

4. Enjoy Your Food

Lid nests discreetly under Fancy Panz™ while serving. When it's time to leave, remove the foil pan and take home your Fancy Panz™. 

Included in Fancy Panz™

For 2in1: *Shallow foil pan (to be used with riser, remove riser to use standard half pans)

*Riser (8X8 Fancy Panz™ does not include riser)

*Serving Spoon 

For 8x8: Foil pan

Foil Pan sizes for Fancy Panz™

For 2in1:  With riser:11 3/4 x 9/3/8 x 1 1/2 (shallow half size steam pan)

No riser: 11 3/4 x 9 3/8 x 2 1/2 (st half size steam foil pan)

For 8x8: Fits 8x8 standard foil pan

All sizes are available in most retailers.  Please note that manufacturer sizes can vary slightly

Fancy Panz™ Shipping

Ground shipping is free within the U.S.A. when purchasing two or more Fancy Panz™. For details regarding additional delivery options, please see FAQ page.

100% Made in the USA

Fancy Panz™ are proudly made in the U.S.A. Even the foil pans!