No more lost serving ware! - TEST

  • Removable riser allows you to use two different sizes of foil pans!
  • For use with riser: Shallow baking/lasagna pan Approx 11 3/4 x 9 3/8 X 1 1/2 (mfg. sizes vary slightly)
  • For use without riser: Standard half size steam pan Approx. 11 3/4 X 9 3/8 X 2 5/16 (mfg sizes vary slightly)
  • Snap on clear lid for use during travel.  When you arrive at the event, simply remove lid and store it in space under your Fancy Panz while serving! When it’s time to leave the event, remove the foil pan and take home your clean Fancy Panz.  No dirty dish to take home and NO MORE LOST SERVE WARE!
  • For *hot or cold food   *food temp, should not exceed 300 degrees
  • Not for oven or microwave use