Dress Up and Protect Your Foil Pan!

Enjoy the convenience of using a foil pan and impress your guests by serving in a Fancy Panz™!
Fancy Panz™ is perfect for potlucks, picnics, parties, tailgating and at home!
Simply place your foil pan containing hot or cold food into your Fancy Panz™ and you’re ready to serve. The lid fits discreetly under Fancy Panz™ while serving.
Hosting an event at home? Fancy Panz™ allows you to spend time with your guests, not cleaning up!
Traveling with food? No more transporting food in an unattractive, flimsy foil pan. Bring your stackable, decorative Fancy Panz™ to your next event.
Leaving the party early? No problem, just leave the foil pan with the remaining food at the event for the guests to enjoy, or just dispose of the foil pan. Either way, you bring home your Fancy Panz™. And best of all, NO MORE LOST SERVING WARE!